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When is it time to replace my roof?

Roofs are an under looked but extremely important part of ones home. It is our first defence against the elements and as a result can wear over time. Roofs have a long life span though and usually are only replaced when a roof failure is experienced but a new roof can be a smart investment in ones home if undertaken properly and compliments the rest of the structure. If your roof looks old and worn, there is generally no need for it to be replaced usually some sweat and hard work can restore it to beauty or better yet a little cash. But if you’re delaying replacing an old roof this can be a tricky situation. Whether to invest into a new one, or try to live it out is a hard toss up and not always easy to make if you are not financially well-off but professionals agree delaying it is not a solution. Often times it is better to undergo a replacement then to take the risk. This decision not only risks the health of your roof, but of other crucial structural parts of your home and in a worst case scenario the health of yourself or loved ones. Tragedies do happen and although unlucky it is always better to be safe than sorry. Here are some potential signs to look out for to ensure you are maintaining a safe and good looking roof:

  1. Shingle tabs are cupped or shingle edges are curled (Shingles refer to roofs with an overlapping structure)
  2. If neighbours are getting new roofs or if your own roof is starting to approach the 2 decade mark
  3. Cracked shingles
  4. Dark streaks, often airborne algae
  5. Spots where granules are missing (Granules refers to an often mistaken decorative mineral coat on roof tiles, although yes it is decorative they often are crucial to the structure of the shingles and can compromise the integrity of your roof)
  6. Moss


Michael K. WilliamsWhen is it time to replace my roof?
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