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Free Deductible Roofing

Fr While working in my basement, I often don’t hear the soft fingered taps on my front door. Fortunately, I have two dogs who alert me when someone is at the front door. The conversation with local storm chaser roofing companies is almost always the same. They appear out of the brush whenever a few

Time for your Roof Inspection

Before you get on your roof – check your warranty – you wan to check any restrictions that may void your warranty. Then talk with your renters/occupants and ask if they may have noticed any leaks.Walk the building , especially areas that are unoccupied, to check for leaks Check the interior by looking on the

Hiring a Roofing Contractor – Tips and Tricks

Hiring a r­oofi­ng contractor is an expe­nsiv­e decision. Th­es­e ­are som­e reco­mmend­at­ions for maki­ng it easi­er. T­o be­gin with you want to­ b­e sur­e t­o h­ire a company who special­izes i­n roofing. A general contract­or can be­ great for a­ lot of different jobs but you wa­nt to­ go w­ith a specia­li­st fo­r this ­on­e.

When is it time to replace my roof?

Roofs are an under looked but extremely important part of ones home. It is our first defence against the elements and as a result can wear over time. Roofs have a long life span though and usually are only replaced when a roof failure is experienced but a new roof can be a smart investment

Colorbond roofing

We Can Transform Just About Any Roof Into A Perfect New Colorbond® Roof With a 25-year Manufacturer ‘s Warranty on Materials & a 10-year Workmanship Warranty! Colorbond Roofs have been tested in some of Australia’s harshest climactic conditions for the last 40 years. Designed to both last and look good! Any Colorbond Roof replacement has

How do you know if your roof needs repairing?

It can be very difficult for you to know for sure if your roof is damaged in any way. Perhaps you have a leak and even then it could just be leaking into your roof space, how are you to really know? Unfortunately, it is a problem for a lot of houses and they are

5 Roofing Mistakes

A lot of self-proclaimed DIY experts would make the cardinal error by laying down the initial batch of shingles in the wrong place. Think about it like this, the initial batch of shingles is what gives the sturdiness to the whole structure; it is basically like the strong foundation you lay before starting work on

Why Slate Roofs are the best?

Asphalt Roll Roof Duration: The Asphalt Roll roof will last a minimum of 5 years and up to a maximum of 10 years. Should you use it? Not really, unless it is a side project that you are working on. It is easy to install but can cause a lot of maintenance issues. Hence Asphalt