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    Our team has a set of experts who will remodel anything you want and make your property have a good curb appeal.

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    We specialize in installing new windows and replacing existing windows. Our team is brilliant when it comes to vinyl replacements.

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    One of the most overlooked parts of the roof system is the gutters. We provide you rust free and seamless gutters for your homes to look good and neat from the outside.

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    You can now save a lot of energy by using solar energy. We provide solar power installation services so that you can cut down on your electric bills.

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5 Roofing Mistakes

  1. A lot of self-proclaimed DIY experts would make the cardinal error by laying down the initial batch of shingles in the wrong place. Think about it like this, the initial batch of shingles is what gives the sturdiness to the whole structure; it is basically like the strong foundation you lay before starting work on the pillars. But in most cases, people tend to commit this grave error and then inherit a foundation that isn’t capable of holding on to the weight of the structure.
  2. Slope needs to be determined according to the type of roof material that you are going for along with the structural capability of the roof. The best choice is to get in the help of an expert to design your slope so that no grave error of any kind occurs. If you overlook this particular aspect of roof construction, all of your hard work can come tumbling down in no time at all. Leading you to spend a lot more in terms of refurbishment costs and in terms of relaying the roof.roof-mistakes
  3. You have to nail them down. A lot of poorly constructed roofs lose shingles and water seeps into the cracks because of poorly fixed material. The nails need to be appropriately placed to ensure that there is no gap for water to enter, which might, in turn, lead to mold formation. Experts suggest that you should use at least four nails for each shingle. Remember that cost-cutting is not an excuse for improper nail placement because at the end of the day if financing a proper roof is your major issue, then it makes no sense whatsoever to compromise on nailing them shingles down.
  4. Moisture formation is one of the major reasons why roofs begin to erode and fail. Moisture leads to the growth of mold, which can then lead to erosion of shingles. What you need to do, is to provide enough ventilation through the attic and the ceiling. If there is no ventilation, the air along with the moisture will be stuck in the roof, with no place to go, they will cause the shingles to erode and crack.
  5. The final thing to keep in mind is to not allow improper shingle exposure to become your downfall. Shingles need to be exposed to allow pockets of air to escape, but too much exposure and you are looking at a sub-par installation work. Talk to the experts or visit their website

Why Slate Roofs are the best?

  1. Asphalt Roll Roof

Duration: The Asphalt Roll roof will last a minimum of 5 years and up to a maximum of 10 years.

Should you use it? Not really, unless it is a side project that you are working on. It is easy to install but can cause a lot of maintenance issues. Hence Asphalt roll roofs are rarely seen on houses or apartment building. Sheds and temporary storage units are the most common units with this sort of installation.

How do you make it last longer? The Asphalt Roofing system can become a pain, and there is very little that you can do about it; the only way to increase the lifespan of the roof made of asphalt roll is to ensure that the roof is free of debris.

  1. Composite Shingle Roof

Duration: The Composite shingle roof is one of the most common types of roofing system as it stands for a minimum of 15 years and if well maintained, can last for up to 50 years.

Should you use it? The essential thing is to understand that not all composite shingle roofs last for 50 years. Only the premium quality ones do, and that can be a shock really to a lot of house owners. Composite shingle roofs are cheap to install, and thus a lot of house owners go down this path thinking that they are installing a roof that will last 50 years. But not all composite shingle roofs make it beyond 15.

How do you make it last longer? The important thing is not to get overzealous and power wash your roof; that can greatly damage your roof. The important thing is to look out for moss growth and get rid of it as soon as you spot moss formation on the roof.

  1. Slate Roof

Duration: The slate roof is by far the best roofing material, and it is said to last for over a hundred years.

Should you use it? Did you know that slate roofs that were placed when Shakespeare was alive are still standing due to how durable they are? You should use it if you have a property that you have no plans of refurbishing anytime soon or have plans to move elsewhere after a period of time. They are perfect for all roofs, but require special installations to support the weight of the slabs and can thus be expensive and time-consuming to install.

How do you make it last longer? Two things are vital to prolonging the life of the slate roof. Firstly, replace slabs if they are broken or have cracks on them. Secondly, if the copper flashings turn dark or black, then it is time that the flashings were replaced.

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